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Just like a local move, long distance moving can have it’s fair share of stress! You might be asking yourself how to pack, when to start packing for your move, how long will it take, how much does it cost and who can you trust? 

At Able Removals, we aim to make your moving experience memorable from the start and keeping the whole experience stress free! We share tips and checklists that you might need. We have an open door policy and invite you to take a trip to our office and come an meet our team.  

A face to face meeting with your moving consultant not only gives you peace of mind, but get to know what is important and ask a ton of questions while enjoying a cup of coffee.  We’ll assist with setting up a moving plan and turn that stress into excitement!

We offer a full service moving experience

When considering a moving consultant, it is important to search for a moving company that is able to provide a full service in South Africa, and has been around a while, as not anyone should be trusted with you valuables.


We offer a removal service that can cater for all your moving requirements, and one of the few long distance movers that offer short term and long term storage. 

Able Removals offers removal services in Roodepoort and travel all over South Africa. Specialising in Residential & Office removals.

provides quality service
& expertise

Our experienced team are trained professionals in long distance furniture removals, and is able to assist our clients with all their preparation needs. We have thought about every aspect regarding moving and compiled a series of documents and checklists that you may require, and you are welcome to ask for a copy!


Our free long distance removals advice, comes in handy, especially to those who has only experienced small moves locally! We believe that when in doubt, rather ask a professional, no matter how valid the question might be!


Remember, what might sound like an invalid question to you, is actually a very valid question for us or for other clients. As for us, being in the industry so long, we often forget that things we know, might not be as common as we think. You are free to ask advice and call your moving consultant when ever you have a question or a suggestion!

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Able Removals will never transfer the responsibility of looking after your load to a third party!

Share Load Furniture Removal

Before opting for a share load furniture removal service you should carefully consider the options.  Is is really worth taking a risk to save money? 


Share load is a way for furniture removal companies to keep costs down. By making use of share load, your valuable belongings will be loaded onto a superlink truck, along with those of other families.  


Not only does it invade your privacy and leaves the door open for unwanted scenarios to creep in, but it can cause a major inconvenience and might not fit in with arrangements already in place!  


Able Removals does not participate in share loading, when we take responsibility of looking after your items, we ensure that a promise is kept, and we can only do that if we are in full control!



As part of our services, we offer a professional packing service. We know how to pack, and we will get you packed up in the wink of an eye! Through the years we've seen the mistakes that clients often make, and every break is a loss! You shouldn't loose anything!

A few packing tips!

Use the right size of box
Don't leave gaps
Buff it up


You might be moving across the borders, and we might not be able to assist you in moving abroad, but we can guarantee you that we will look after your personal belongings and furniture until you return.


Short term and long term storage solutions available, based in Weltevredenpark in Roodepoort, Gauteng.  Our storage facility can accommodate 200 households.


We are also one of the cheapest storage rental companies in Johannesburg, that offer controlled entry.

Our warehouse manager Levi, is always on site and has been in control of our storage warehouse facilities for the past 16 years. He ensures that the goods that come into storage is easily identified and knows exactly where to look when you need to take an item out of storage.  We also have a strong room where all the valuables and electrical appliances are kept, minimising risk and allowing for better control. At our storage facility, we look after your belongings as if it is our own, and you can be rest-assured that your property is in safe, capable hands!

Things to keep in mind when you're moving far

  • Create a moving plan as soon as you confirmed that you are moving.
  • Stay ahead of your schedule and work according to your moving plan.
  • Ensure that the moving company you have decided to go with, is reputable. Some movers might be much more cost efficient, but money should not be the only deciding factor when moving.
  • Keep an inventory list.
  • Mark the boxes that you have packed. (Remember, when goods goes into storage, we advise to use a different marking approach).
  • Use the move as a valid decluttering excuse! Moving unnecessary items with you, will fill up your new home and increase the cost of moving.
  • Do dot pack up the items that you might need until the very last.
  • Take extra care when wrapping your fragile items.
  • To make unpacking fun and fast, organise your items as you pack.
  • Stock up on packaging supplies.
  • Save money where you can. Moving mid-month will be much lower, especially when you are moving long distance.
  • Make sure that you are able to take occupation of your new home as planned.
  • Check your belongings before the moving truck leaves, and do a final walk through when you lock the door for the last time!


Lastly, take a breath and stay calm! If you follow your plan, you will most definitely have a wonderful, stress-free moving experience! When you happen to notice that your stress-levels are rising, call Able Removals!


Our trucks drive on all the roads between the borders of South Africa! Our moving truck will be on the departure site early morning and ensure that you are packed up and loaded as soon as possible. Depending on the pre-arranged moving agenda, we will start the journey to your new home as soon as we can, because we know just how exciting it is to start afresh in a different province!

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