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Furniture removal companies has recently popped up around every corner, with more and more opportunists getting their hands on a “moving truck” as a result of losing their main source of income. Yes our unemployment statistics ensured that we claim our “not so fame” first place on Bloomberg’s list of over 82 countries, with the highest unemployment rate. So heads up, if you are being offered a “free move” it is too good to be true, and making use of the man in a van, might cost you dearly!


Able Removals might not be the cheapest furniture removal company in Gauteng, but we do offer full moving services that includes packing services, storage facilities, and various other services that goes with furniture moving and office removals.


We have the most experienced moving consultants in Gauteng, where we service all clients who is on the move locally, but offer advice and consult for furniture removal services around Cape Town and Durban and offer term storage to other movers on a regular basis.


Do you need a Household furniture removal checklist? This helpful tool is free of charge!


Complete our online Household furniture removal checklist for a free quote!


Have you been unable to find peace of mind for your upcoming home or office move? You do not have a mental health issue, and honestly speaking, we don’t blame you, as one can never be to cautious when searching for the best removals company, especially in South Africa!

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Price is what you pay

Value is what
you get

Able Removals tops all reviews on Google!  Seeing is believing, right?  Make sure you verify our Google listing!


We are proud to say that we are not the cheapest furniture company near you, but we are voted the best in terms of the service we deliver, and sometimes value can’t be measured!

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Go from House moving to House warming in no time!

Having a moving plan in place, is good for your mental health. Yes, it eliminates stress, ensures that all tasks are taken care of for your move and you are not caught off guard on the day of your actual move.

Being organised, packed and ready on D-day will definitely contribute to the perfect execution of “How to master local house moving” with Able Removals!

You might want to start with planning your house warming event. As much as we would have loved to assist you with the arrangements, that unfortunately does not fall within our scope of services.


However, we are confident that you will be able to host the perfect event to conclude your moving experience!

Moving home might seem like a good option for better schooling – but it can have an adverse effect.

Moving home can affect your children’s health and education