Looking for real images of removal companies in South Africa?

At Able Removals we keep the photo’s real and you moving!

Moving Blankets

Not for cold days, but to ensure that we offer protection to your furniture, every day!

Our Workers

Our staff always take special care to carefully move your furniture!

Filing anyone?

Don't you just hate filing? Leave the filing room for us, we just love it!

The older the better

Our moving trucks are like wine, the older, the better! Just shows, we have been around long!

A lovely view...

Anyone would love your view, but not as much as you do when you see the extra care we take!

Is this a robbery?

No this is not a robbery in action, depending on the accessibility we have to use shuttle trucks!

A big move?

Well, we've got a big staff force to meet your moving requirements!

Confined spaces...

We've overcome all our fears, cluster fobia is also not one of them!